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Shiitake Mushroom Extract


NATIVE EXTRACTS' innovation in CELLULAR EXTRACTION uses Biomimicry to deliver the first 'True to Nature' Shiitake Mushroom extract, delivering its full plant profile of water-soluble phyto-actives, as they exist in nature – potent, active, synergistic and bio-available. 

Shiitake Mushrooms have been valued as a traditional source of natural bio-active compounds for centuries now offering potential phyto-compounds such as Polysaccarides, Nucleotides, Adenosine, Phenolic Acid and Lignan offering regenerative properties for skin moisture, stimulated new cell growth and accelerated healing.

Nature has created a powerful synergy of these compounds and for the first time it has been harnessed ready for formulating into products - anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, whitening/brightening, acne, collagen support, damaged hair and a potent antioxidant boosts.

Advanced Cellular Extracts are taking popular traditional herbal sources to heights of efficacy and deliverable benefits by releasing more active compounds and significantly greater concentrations - ask for the new range of Advanced Traditional Botanicals by NATIVE EXTRACTS.


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