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Olive Leaf Extract


NATIVE EXTRACTS' innovation in CELLULAR EXTRACTION uses Biomimicry to deliver the first 'True to Nature' Olive Leaf extract, delivering its full plant profile of water-soluble phyto-actives, as they exist in nature – potent, active, synergistic and bio-available.

Discover the next generation Olive NE Leaf Cellular Extract and the new possibilities achieved by working with its first full plant profile of phyto-actives, as they exist in nature - potent, active, synergistic, stable and bio-available.

This exceptional extract contains 8 powerhouse antioxidant phyto-compounds, making it a hero free-radical scavenger, and potentially out performing Vitamin C.

Cellular extracts are multifunctional by nature - and this extract releases the activity stored within its cells to create powerful natural new brands targeting skin repair and healing, collagen synthesis, acne, Psoriasis, skin-whitening and inflammation.

Olive Leaf has a history of medicinal and nutritional uses. Boost and improve your activity in exciting lines or create new products.


Olea europaea


Water/Glycerin Extract

Plant Part