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Chamomile Water Organic


Chamomile Water Organic, also known as hydrosols, floral waters are actually created as a by-product of the steam distillation process used to capture essential oils. During a normal essential oil distillation process, the steam containing the oils is cooled to turn it into water, and the essential oils floating on top are skimmed off and bottled. The remaining water is considered floral water!

Any floral water contains water, water-soluble components of the plant, and trace amounts of the essential oil. This unique composition lends each floral water a full spectrum of the essence and properties of the botanical material from which it was derived. Though they are most often called floral waters, hydrosols can be produced from any plant matter like herbs, needles, leaves, woods, barks, and seeds.

Chamomile Essential Oil is sometimes known as ‘herbal aspirin’ and is used in pain relief formulations to relieve headaches, migraines or muscle pain. Widely used in perfumes and as a fragrance in cosmetics and personal care products. With antiseptic properties for use in throat, tooth and gum infections. Chamomile Roman Essential Oil has a soothing effect on skin for wounds, burns or irritations.


Chamaemelum nobile


Steam Distillation

Plant Part 



Clear liquid


Fresh, sweet, fruity apple like





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