Aromatic Ingredients


Arabian Oud 75 Fragrance


A sophisticated and sensual fragrance with spicy top notes of cardamom and saffron, balanced by the alluring and familiar notes of jasmine and precious oud. Creating an exotic woody-floral blend that is mysterious and deep.



 Saffron, Cardamom


 Jasmine, Cashmeran


 Oud Wood, Amber


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 Yellow to dark yellow


 Oriental, floral


Please click on this link for a definition of the IFRA Classes

We certify that the above fragrance oil is in compliance with the most recent standards published by the INTERNATIONAL FRAGRANCE ASSOCIATION (IFRA) IFRA June 2015. Provided it is used in the following classes at the maximum level of;

Class 1

Lip Products/ Toys 0%

Class 2

Deodorant/ Antiperspirant 13%

Class 3

Men’s Facial Products/Baby Creams 50%

Class 4

Hair Style Aids Spray (incl. Aerosol)/Body Creams 67.98%

Class 5

Women’s Facial Products/Hand Cream 67.98%

Class 7

Intimate Wipes/Baby Wipes/Insect Repellant 27.19%

Class 8

Hair Style Aids Non-Spray/Nail Care 50.03%

Class 9

Rinse-Off Products/Aerosol Products 67.98%

Class 10

Household Cleaning Products 62.54%

Class 11

Non Skin Contact/Incidental Skin Contact no restriction