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Arnica Flower Extract


NATIVE EXTRACTS' innovation in CELLULAR EXTRACTION uses Biomimicry to deliver the first 'True to Nature' Arnica extract, setting new standards in a water-soluble extract of this popular botanical by delivering a wider range of phyto-active compounds and greater concentrations than previously known or recorded.

With over 4 times the Pharmacopoeia standard minimum of sesquiterpene lactones, and the first full plant profile of Arnica's water-soluble phyto-actives (including their derivatives), as they exist in nature - potent, active, synergistic, stable, and bio-available. Discover the next generation Arnica Cellular Extract and create new more powerful Arnica products or improvements to existing Arnica lines. Cellular Extracts are multifunctional by nature - and this extract delivers 8 powerful high performance compounds targeting anti-aging, whitening, acne, hair care, anti-glycation and much more.

Advanced Cellular Extracts are taking popular traditional herbal sources to heights of efficacy and deliverable benefits by releasing more active compounds and significantly greater concentrations - ask for the new range of Advanced Traditional Botanicals by NATIVE EXTRACTS.


Arnica Montana


Water/Glycerin Extract

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