Which French Clay Best Suits Your Needs?

April 30, 2017

Which French Clay Best Suits Your Needs?

Some of the best things in the world come from France, and they don’t just include food and wine, in fact, French clay is one of the most popular and versatile natural ingredients found in cosmetics today. We live in a world of pollution and toxins, and the skin suffers significantly from continual exposure to these impurities.

Which French Clay Best Suits Your Needs?

Men and women alike want to heal and rejuvenate their skin using products that don’t add additional chemicals and pollutants to their skin, which is why French clay has become so desirable. Each type of French clay, including Green, Red, White, and Yellow, offers its own unique benefits to the skin and can be utilised in a variety of cosmetic and body care products to meet consumer needs.

The many benefits of French Clay

French Green Clay

Green Clay, also known as Sea Clay for its beautiful light green hue, is the skin’s very best friend. Its ingredients like silica, aluminium, magnesium, calcium, and iron are arranged as tiny molecules that essentially “drink” and absorb all of the impurities, toxins, and oils from the skin. At the same time, this clay delivers important minerals back into the skin that it may have been missing. This means that French Green Clay can be used to cleanse, exfoliate, smooth, and soften the skin. As it works its magic on the skin, Green Clay also gently pulls the blood toward the skin to boost circulation and improve skin tone. From mud packs and poultices to masks and mineral-based cleansers, French Green Clay is an excellent ingredient to create powerful cosmetic and skin care products.

French Red Clay

French Red Clay boasts different main ingredients, like kaolinite, illite, calcite, and montmorillonite. It obtains its bold red colour from the copper oxide in the rocks where Red Clay is found. The natural absorbency of French Red Clay make it the ultimate solution for people with oily skin because it can slough off dead skin cells, cleanse the surface of the skin, remove unwanted oils, and leave the skin looking toned and rejuvenated. French Red Clay is commonly used in body wraps, soaps, face masks, mineral-based cleansers, and face and body scrubs to deliver gentle yet undeniable results.

French White Clay

Unlike Green and Red Clay, French White Clay is the gentlest and least absorbent clay. This makes it perfect for dry and sensitive skin since it does not pull oil out of the skin. The high level of silica found in French White Clay helps to nourish, moisturise, and balance skin. This makes it a top choice to resolve skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis. Furthermore, French White Clay gently stimulates exfoliation and circulation within the skin, which improves skin tone. This clay’s mildness and versatility make it valuable in bath bombs, facial masks, body packs, first aid essentials, toiletries, and cosmetics.

French Yellow Clay

French Yellow Clay is also a gentle and mild clay that can be used on dry and sensitive skin, but unlike White Clay, Yellow Clay does draw oil and impurities out of the skin while releasing essential minerals back into the skin. It is a powerful cleanser that leaves the skin feeling smooth, fresh, and toned. French Yellow Clay is widely used in cosmetic manufacturing for products including body wraps, soaps, face masks, mineral based cleansers, and scrubs. Since it is so gentle, this clay can be applied to alleviate conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and even cradle cap and nappy rash.

Making Clay Even More Powerful

Clay powder just needs to be mixed with water to become active, but additional ingredients like essential oils, carrier oils, and vitamin oils can lend additional healing properties to the clay. For example, Rose Water and Rosalina (otherwise known as Lavender Tea Tree) essential oil blended into a French Green Clay mask will control oil buildup, soothe the skin, and calm irritation. Meanwhile, Macadamia oil, Clary Sage essential oil, and German Chamomile essential oil support the process of restoring the skin. Geranium and Patchouli essential oils, on the other hand, lend themselves to further detoxification when added to any clay formula.

There is truly no end to the way that natural ingredients can be blended together to form powerful, safe, and effective products that resolve the most bothersome skin problems and conditions.  This is why Aromatic Ingredients offers pure French Clay, essential oils, and other key ingredients that you will find useful in your product formulations.