What Fragrance Trends Are on the Horizon?

October 18, 2017

What Fragrance Trends Are on the Horizon?

A perfume is no longer simply an aroma. It’s an experience, a personal touch, and a source of unique expression. According to Kelly St. John at Neiman Marcus, “Client’s are seeking… something that is not everywhere. Fragrances that are created based upon stories, travels and memories appeal to clients today. They are engaged with fragrances that have meaning versus just a designer name.”

The Fragrance Cocktail

More than ever before, consumers are eager to retain more control over their purchases and products. This can even be seen in the fragrance industry, which is evolving to adapt to the consumer desire for personalisation. Many companies have found success by handing decision making over to the consumers themselves. Some brands invite consumers to mix a fragrance “cocktail” by combining and layering individual fragrances to create their own unique scent. Other brands have developed technology that makes it possible to create personal fragrances based on social activities, moods, and favourite scents. The bottom line? Consumers have the chance to essentially create a fragrance “wardrobe”.

Fragrance trends Total Control - Aromatic Ingredients

Going Natural

Customisation isn’t the only trend going wild. The idea of “going natural” is still capturing public attention, so natural fragrances enjoy a steady place in the market. Consumers do research ingredients, pay attention to the product manufacturing processes, and demand fragrances that do not pose threats to human and environmental health. This concept of product purity is now being combined with multifunctionality by adding natural ingredients like essential oils that offer appealing antioxidant and anti-ageing properties. Who wouldn’t love a fragrance that smells incredible and simultaneously improves the health of the body?

Fragrance trends Going Natural - Aromatic Ingredients

Gender Neutral

Gender norms continue to evolve in our society, and the fragrance industry would be wise to keep up. Many women want to express themselves beyond traditional feminine scents, which has led to the unisex fragrance trend. Nearly one-third of all fragrance launches boasted gender-free labelling in 2015, a number that continues to grow as millennial consumers move toward products that reflect their own values and personalities.

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