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What essential oil should I include in my hair care formula

October 21, 2019

What essential oil should I include in my hair care formula

There are plenty of essential oils that can be beneficial in hair care formulation. If you’re looking to add shine or strength, thicken or lighten, you may even want to treat dandruff and dry scalp. Essential oils have been used for centuries and are now a popular option for health-conscious consumers looking for more natural alternatives.

Hair care using essential oils

Want to stimulate hair growth?

Before you turn to chemical treatments or hair replacement, take a look at the root cause of your hair loss. Essential oils can help boost circulation or fight inflammation.


Try these essential oils first

Lavender, Rosemary and cedarwood.


Did you know?

Rosemary essential oil promotes hair growth and helps strengthen hair follicles.


Want to reduce dry and itchy scalp?

Rich in anti-fungal nutrients, essential oils can be effective to treating dandruff or dry scalp conditions.


Try these essential oils first

Tea Tree, Peppermint and Lemongrass


Did you know?

Tea Tree essential oil has antibacterial benefits to reduce the itch and help treat the infection.


Want to nourish damaged hair?

The hydrating and antioxidant properties of essential oils can strengthen hair follicles to make your hair healthy again. With the natural alternative to leave smooth and shiny locks without having to use a harmful chemical treatment.


Try these essential oils first

Chamomile, Lavender and Geranium


Did you know?

Chamomile essential oil increases blood flow to heal and soothe damaged skin. 


Want to rid your oily hair?

Your sebaceous glands are responsible for the amount of oil your skin and scalp produce. When you overproduce oil, it makes your hair look limp, dull and greasy.

Try these essential oils first

Peppermint, Tea Tree and Clary Sage


Did you know?

Clary Sage essential oil regulates the production of sebum.


Essential oils have long been used for their aromatic properties, but there is more to these potent oils than just their aroma. Essential oils can help improve overall hair health, so if you’re considering adding them to your hair care formulations contact our sales team at Aromatic Ingredients.