What are the benefits of Garlic essential oil?

July 16, 2019

What are the benefits of Garlic essential oil? - Aromatic Ingredients

Did you know that Garlic is one of the strongest natural antibacterial and antioxidant on the market? Used in ancient times for stamina and its healing benefits. Garlicis now widely used in cooking for its unmistakable flavour.


What are the benefits of Garlic essential oil?

When you crush Garlic it develops into a chemical compound called Allicin which produces the strong smell we know as garlic. This compound has strong antibacterial, decongestant and expectorant benefits. Garlic is a popular addition to natural cold and flu medication preventing antiviral conditions of the respiratory system.

when you crush garlic

The many uses of Garlic essential oil.

Used to combat fungal infections, Garlic essential oilcan also be used to treat psoriasis.

As a home remedy for centuries Garlic essential oil is used to combat the symptoms and treat bacterial ear infections.

Your mouth is one of the main organs that contain the most bacteria. With Garlic helping to cure toothaches and swollen and sore gums can be added to natural mouthwashes. 

High in nutrients and vitamins C, B6 and iron, Garlic can boost your overall health and immune system. 

With its antifungal properties, you can add Garlic to hair care formulations. With natural levels of sulphur to calm inflamed and irritated skin caused by itching from dandruff. 

Garlic has even been used to minimise headache and migraine, with a small amount applied to the temple the inflammation is reduced and pain subsides.

Garlic for cold and flu

The health benefits are abundant from reducing acne and toothache to boosting immunity and digestion. We have garlic essential oil and we also offer Garlic in other forms. Contact the Aromatic Ingredient team in Hallam to get more information on how this oil can be used in your products.