The beauty of creating your own skincare

July 23, 2019

The beauty of creating your own skincare - Aromatic Ingredients

Creating your own skincare can be an exciting venture. Just like a chef, you will get to experiment with different ingredients to see what works best for your unique recipe. The beauty is, of course, knowing exactly what goes into it.

Make your own skincare with our range of ready made bases

As major skincare companies know, there is a long list of ingredients that go into them. Most are included for several reasons the most important is to maintain the stability of a product. Hours, months and even years of research can go into perfecting recipes for skincare products.  The testing can take months to ensure the end product remains the same while sitting bottled on supermarket shelves.

Creating your own skincare range has never been easier. With companies like Aromatic Ingredients now selling base products. If you’re after body wash, eye make-up remover or micellar water, then we have the perfect bases to get you started. You can mix and match with different ingredients to make it your own. While we’ve made it easy, there are a few things you may need to know before blending and selling your skincare creations.

Adding things like extracts or essential oils to your base product will not only have the added benefit of the ingredient that you include. Essential oils and natural ingredients can also act as preservatives in your finished products. Rosemary or Kakadu plum extract, tea tree or lavender essential oil, a natural product like vitamin E can improve the shelf life of your skincare.

Skincare by Aromatic Ingredients

What additives should I add to have the best bang for my buck?

The list of ingredients you can choose to include is pretty much endless. Research the essential oil or extracts you’d like to include but make sure you also take a look at the price that you can expect to get these ingredients for as this affects the end price of your finished product. Take a look at some of the other popular skincare brands and the elements that they list. This can help give you a great start as to which ingredients can work well in skincare.

The essential thing you’ll learn is to test. Like with any recipe you produce you will need to alter and make small changes along the way until you can perfect your skincare formula. Write everything down as you go. Have fun with it and know that there is help if you need. You may find some formulas will require technical cosmetic expertise to be made and sold safely. Here at Aromatic Ingredients we have cosmetic chemists on staff that can help to check your recipe is ready for the beauty industries high standards.