The Beautiful Link between Fragrance and Music

May 16, 2019

The Beautiful Link between Fragrance and Music - Aromatic Ingredients

Music and fragrance have a lot in common. They are both comprised of harmonies and multiple notes blended together to create a memorable experience. Sometimes sensual and always complex a fragrance like a symphony is made up of select notes used to capture the talented perfumer's vision.


A fragrance is usually made up of two main components Natural and Synthetic. 

A synthetic fragrance is an ingredient created by humans through a chemical transformation. The scents created could replicate a natural scent or they could be totally different to any profile found in nature.

A natural fragrance will contain essential oils. The fragrant ingredient extracted from fruits, plants, seeds or flowers. Like Orange, peppermint, rose or sandalwood. Natural fragrances can also contain ingredients that are naturally derived and extracted from the structure of the essential oils like D-limonene, the main component found in orange essential oil.

Fragrance can also be compared to love.

The top note is like experiencing a first glance – fleeting, enticing and exhilarating 

The heart note is like the romance – deep, rich and character building

The base note like the long term relationship – comforting, soulful and enduring. 

Top notes are sometimes known as the opening notes. They can include fragrances from the citrus family like Orange, Lime, and Lemon. Fruits like Strawberry, grapefruit and Herbaceaous scents like lavender and ginger.

Middle notes are known as the heart of the fragrance with appearances from rose, ylang ylang, neroli and nutmeg.

The base notes are the final aroma you should sense like vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli and musk. 

The character of a fragrance is usually comprised by three to five balanced notes, blended to perfection to create a new aroma. This process requires patience and skill and is left up to the experts that have years of training within the industry. Contact the fragrance experts on staff at Aromatic Ingredients that can create or replicate some of your favourite fragrances for your needs.