Synthetic/ fragrance

January 28, 2022

Synthetic/ fragrance

Essential Oil / Fragrance made from natural and synthetically produced ingredients which are not necessarily found in nature. Blending of ingredients to meet the parameters required by the clients. synthetic fragrances are developed in laboratories. Rather than sourcing the notes through forestry and animals, synthetic scents replicate natural accords, without harming the environment. It’s this man-made process that can allow for the repopulation of forestry and protection of popular animals (like deer) where the extracts are used in popular fragrance.

There are three types of synthetics:

Full synthetics: Nearly the entire fragrance is derived from petroleum by-products

Semi-synthetics: As the name suggests, the fragrance is only semi-synthetic; it can be created from some synthetic, natural, or artificially modified notes. Sometimes, it’s derived from all three

Natural isolates: A fragrance developed from synthetic and natural byproducts

What applications can it be used in?

Can be used in a wide range of applications ranging from personnel care where natural is not critical, Fragrance for Oil burners to candles manufacturing etc. Parfum would need to be on your labelling.