Summer, Sun and SPF

December 05, 2018

Summer, Sun and SPF

When we look back just 20 years ago, the image of a deep tan was considered healthy. People lying for hours under the hot and harmful rays of the sun, some even adding oils to their skin to speed up the process of a deep, dark tan. Fast forward to today where here in Australia we have some of the highest levels of UVA radiation in the world.

Australia has some of the highest levels of UVA radiation in the world.

As the temperatures start to rise it’s about that time when we start to think more about sunscreen. Lotions, sprays, creams and gels now fill supermarket shelves with awareness growing daily of the serious sun damaging effects from UV exposure. Research has shown that skin conditions like premature ageing or skin cancer have been linked to exposure to harmful UV rays. So, with this hot topic at hand, we thought we’d talk more about SPF.

While it’s always a plus to opt for protective, sun smart clothing like hats and long-sleeved shirts, be sure when you reach for a bottle of sunscreen this summer, look for one that provides protection for your skin with a high SPF number for greater protection.


What does SPF really mean?

Sun Protection Factor or Sunburn Protection Factor. The level of SPF in a product informs the consumer of the level of protection they should receive from the sun’s damaging rays. This vest of protection is there to stop harmful UV photons from causing serious sunburn. UV or ultraviolet radiation has been broken down into two main categories of radiation.

UVA can penetrate deep into the layers of your epidermis producing damage to your immune system and cell membranes. Linked as the cause of both skin cancer and premature ageing of the skin.

Exposure to UVB rays is the cause of serious sun damage to the top layers of skin resulting in red and painful burns.

Sunscreen that provides a shield from both UVA and UVB radiation are known as broad-spectrum sunscreens.

The process of manufacturing a sunscreen in Australia is highly regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration who have some of the highest standards in the world. So when heading to the beach or anywhere that you’ll be exposed to sun rays remember to dress sun smart and slip on some sunscreen.