Personal Care Soap Bases

October 01, 2018

Personal Care Soap Bases

Stephenson Personal Care has created easy to use soap bases for beginners through to professional soap makers. The easy to use pack comes in 1kg tubs and requires just a few pieces of equipment for a minimal investment so it’s perfect if you’re making a batch to give to friends and family.

With amazing clarity and a high content of glycerine, your soaps will have excellent skin moisturising properties and great cleansing and foaming effectiveness. If you’re selling them under your brand at markets or producing large quantities for your business, it’s so simple to use their soap bases to create luxurious soaps.

How to make your own soap.

Stephenson Personal Care soap base comes in a ready to use 1kg microwavable container.

Place the tub in the microwave and melt - just check the temperature guide for your microwave on the pack.

Add your fragrance, making sure it’s suitable for use in soaps and body products and any colours you want to swirl through.

Working quickly before your soap starts to set, pour the mixture into your moulds. Once the soap is fully set you can pop them out of the individual moulds or slice up your loaf into soap bars.

At Aromatic Ingredients we are proud to supply a range of Stevenson Melt and pour soaps in 1kg ready to use containers. Crystal Goats Milk

Crystal Oatmeal and Shea

Crystal SLS/SLES Free

Crystal ST Transparent

Crystal Carrot Cucumber and Aloe

Crystal Palm Free


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