Oleoresins Shining Stars

March 08, 2018

Oleoresins Shining Stars

With the international Oleoresin market gaining more interest each year, Food and Beverage manufacturers are including oleoresins in a number of products as a ‘clean label’ ingredient. They have a much longer shelf life and are more resistant to heat than the raw spices. Oleoresins are used to add flavour and in the case of turmeric and paprika to add colour, they are non-volatile and yield a complete flavour profile without compromising on texture. 

Oleoresins Shining Stars

Vanilla and black pepper oleoresins are two that are quickly making their marks on the oleoresin segment.

Black Pepper Oleoresin

Black pepper oleoresin is obtained from ripened black pepper seeds using solvent extraction of the Piper nigrum berries. Black Pepper oleoresin is a yellow to brown liquid, it offers a heavy and pungent flavour and aroma that lends itself perfectly to cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical, and culinary applications. With the ratios of around 8kg of oleoresin used in place of 100kg of dried black pepper, you can see why manufacturers are moving towards oleoresins as the alternative to the raw spice.

Vanilla Oleoresin

Vanilla oleoresin, meanwhile, exhibits a warm and inviting scent that makes it extremely popular in cosmetics, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages. If fact, if you take a look at the ingredient labels on products along the supermarket shelves, you’ll be surprised how often vanilla is included. Extracted from the bean pod of the Vanilla planifolia vine, and fermented slowly to produce a thick, luscious, dark brown liquid. Vanilla has been known to support a healthy digestive system, have antioxidant properties and calm feelings of anxiety.

Since oleoresins qualify as natural flavouring components, they meet the growing consumer demand for pure and natural ingredients. Speak with our oleoresin all-stars here at Aromatic Ingredients who know that oleoresins offer the same properties as the raw spice, without the issues of storage and stability, they could be your new favourite ingredient to improve flavour, texture and aroma.