Oleoresins Market $1.15 billion and growing

April 14, 2017

Oleoresins Market $1.15 billion and growing

Are you poised to profit from the Oleoresins market surge?

Four years ago, in 2013, the global oleoresins market size was estimated to be $1.15 billion, and it has only grown since. Oleoresins offer such a wide variety of applications, therapeutic health benefits, and flavour options that they are now being used in everything from soap, perfumery, and beverages to pharmaceuticals, confectionery, and baked foods. Is your own company positioned to capitalise on this growth in the oleoresins market?

Oleoresins are highly concentrated forms of spices


The Origins of Oleoresins

Oleoresins are highly concentrated forms of spices that provide the full flavour and aroma without the shelf life instability and flavour inconsistency. In addition, oleoresins are easier to store and handle, not at risk of bacterial contamination, and simple to blend with precision. This makes it possible to utilise oleoresins in very small dosages to make a large impact on taste and consumer experience.

Growing Demand in the Food and Beverage Industry

Given how efficiently oleoresins can flavour and colour food and culminate in unique and appealing flavour combinations, it’s no wonder that they are highly used in the food and beverage industry. The processed food market utilises oleoresins in meat canning, sauces, and confectionery to replace the natural aroma and taste that is lost during processing. Paprika is especially popular that accounted for 35% of the oleoresins market share by revenue in 2014, according to a Hexa Research Report. Food items including dressings, food coatings, sauces, seasonings, and snack foods commonly contain the paprika oleoresin.

The oleoresins market is growing with other popular ingredients including turmeric, chilli, cardamom, ginger, and pepper as more people across the globe embrace ethnic food flavours with strong spice profiles. Cinnamon, vanilla, and rosemary oleoresins are also expected to show sustained growth in the next few years, largely in thanks to the unique flavour combinations being used now between these spices and floral categories. As the flavour preferences of consumers continue to grow and evolve, oleoresins are the best flavouring and colouring agents to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Oleoresins in the Cosmetic Market

In addition to flavours, oleoresins can also lend cosmetics important colours and scents. As consumers continue to gravitate toward cosmetic products formulated with natural ingredients rather than toxic and harsh chemicals, oleoresins are soaring in use. Rosemary oleoresin, for example, offers potent antioxidant properties thanks to its high concentration of carnosic acid. This makes it a powerful addition to soaps and lotions that protect the skin. Perfumery is also a popular application for oleoresins that lend appealing aromas, such as marigold’s hue of apple. Cosmetic companies can capitalise on all the benefits of oleoresins to offer consumers customised and natural cosmetic solutions.

Oleoresins market $1.15 billion and growing

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