Nature identical

January 25, 2022

Nature identical

What does Nature Identical mean?

Designating a substance which has been prepared synthetically but which is chemically identical to a natural one. Nature identical refers to an oil which has had a component added, either natural or artificial, with a chemical structure identical to that found in nature.

Essential Oil made from natural and synthetically produced chemicals and oils which are found in nature but are not always natural Blending of ingredients to meet the parameters required by the clients

Benefits of Nature Identical

There are some fantastic ingredients that exist in nature, but we can’t source them from nature. It’s impossible, too expensive, or environmentally irresponsible. Nature identical ingredients have some huge benefits. They have less contaminates, they’re less expensive, and can be more eco-friendly.

They Can be used in a wide range of applications ranging from personnel care to candles manufacturing etc. Many of these oils are used in Fragrance development as the odour profile can be more uniformed from batch to batch.

The advantages of a long shelf life, stable formulation and intense yet not overpowering aromas, and cost have created ever increasing demand for nature identical materials.