Natural Ingredients for Oral Care Products

January 13, 2017

Natural Ingredients for Oral Care Products

Natural ingredients for oral care products is not a new concept. When you look at the oral hygiene sector, you’ll find that almost all toothpastes and mouthwashes use Peppermint and Spearmint as the primary flavouring agents and the smell of Clove oil reminds many of us of the dentists office. With the trend towards natural continuing in the skin care, personal care and cosmetics industries and with so many products available on the shelves today beginning to incorporate essential oils and extracts for their many therapeutic benefits (and to meet growing consumer preference), we wondered “What other natural ingredients can be used in oral care products?”


Natural Ingredients for Oral Care Products

Essential oils and botanical extracts have been used for centuries in many different forms, twigs, feathers and porcupine quills were the earliest toothbrushes. Siwak made from a twig or root was used for its antiseptic properties and in the early 1800 some toothpastes included soap and chalk.

Natural Ingredients in Oral Care

There are over 300 types of bacteria that make up dental plaque and with severe gum disease resulting in one-third of adult tooth loss, the increasing awareness of oral hygiene is an ever growing market. Whether you have a premium brand or a private label product we have an extensive range of natural products that will suit your applications.

The use of mint seems to be a required element in oral hygiene products today, but there are a lot natural ingredients for oral care products you may not know about. Here are the benefits of using essential oils and botanical extracts for your range of natural products .


Essential Oils

For toothache

Clove helps fight germs, numbs pain and fights bad breath.
Chamomile can fight various harmful bacterial infections of the oral cavity, teeth and gums, it can also reduce pain associated with toothache.


Nutmeg with its Eugenol component assists in the numbing of pain and has anti-bacterial qualities.
Orange is used as a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory

For Bad Breath

Bergamot with its germ fighting properties, aid the reduction in cavity development.
Fennel assists in the treatment of Halitosis.
Myrrh is used to battle bad breath – whatever the cause – myrrh is a potent natural remedy because it helps cleanse the mouth of germs and addresses conditions that may encourage future growth.

Antiseptic properties

Tea Tree has antiseptic abilities and assists in the fight against fungi and viruses
Thyme the Thymol acts as an antiseptic in mouthwashes
Cardamon the Cineole is a potent antiseptic for the prevention of bad breath


Peppermint improves bad breath and kills bacteria.
Spearmint slows the proliferation of biofilm, reducing ability of bacteria to grow in the mouth

Botanical Extracts

Gum disease

Ginseng is an effective tonic on gums and prevents periodontal disease.
Siwak kills the bacteria that causes gum disease, fights plaque and cavities and removes oral odours. This powerful extract increases its functionality when combined with peppermint oil. Studies show it is 20x more effective combined in killing bacteria.

Acid Production

Betel Pepper fragrances the mouth, reduces acid production and proves to be a antiseptic for mouth ulcers

Strengthens Gums

Ginkgo Biloba improves microcirculation in mucus membranes which increases blood flow to strengthen gums and increases salivation, reducing dry mouth.

We can assist develop your oral care range

Aromatic Ingredients can offer you these natural ingredients as stand alone items or work with your formulation team in the development of finished product and essential oil / extract blends.