Incorporating Natural Essential Oils in your Skincare.

July 06, 2018

Incorporating Natural Essential Oils in your Skincare.

The natural beauty movement has transformed into a billion-dollar industry as a growing number of consumers reject chemical-based cosmetics in favour of more expensive, plant-based alternatives.

Plant-powered skincare is definitely a thriving trend in Australia, Europe, America, and beyond. Essential oils make the perfect choice for natural and organic product formulation! They are derived by steam distillation or cold pressing different botanicals, and they don’t just smell incredible, they can protect your skin.

Do you use essential oils in your skincare products? 

Incorporate Botanicals like Essential Oils

Essential oils offer therapeutic applications for physical and emotional wellness. This means that your brand can incorporate essential oils into your products and advertise the many benefits they provide. Take a look at our list of favourite EO’s, some have been used for centuries in skincare. 

Lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile essential oils in the world. With great skin benefits for cuts, burns, mature skin, scars, oily skin, acne and athlete’s foot. It’s not only great for all skin types, it can be used to fragrance your cosmetics to add a relaxing aroma.

Geranium essential oil has been used as the ‘poor man’s rose’, a more affordable option that the more extravagant rose essential oil. With its high fragrance component, geranium has the ability to promote blood circulation to tighten skin, minimise bruising and regulate oil production to help reduce nasty breakouts.

Ylang ylang essential oil has powerful antiseptic abilities to treat the symptoms of eczema and acne. It relieves dry, irritated, itchy skin and helps to nourish and soothe damaged or ageing skin. Ylang Ylang has both a calming and alluring scent, with a delicate floral aroma widely used in perfumes. 

Clary sage essential oil can be added to face cleansers, toners, and lotions to fight acne with its antibacterial properties. It can also be used in pain relief ointments and salves since clary sage is known to relieve headaches, migraines, and muscle pain. It’s sweet, tea-like, and herbaceous aroma is also divine.

From bergamot and cedarwood to frankincense and lemon, these essential oils are available in natural and organic varieties to give your consumers exactly what they are looking for! 

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