How to Use Aroma Ingredients To Make a Perfect Fragrance

January 04, 2019

How to Use Aroma Ingredients To Make a Perfect Fragrance

The use of natural ingredients in cosmetic and personal care products has become a major trend, but there are still certain items that require the consistency of aroma chemicals. From perfumes and pharmaceutical products to foods and beverages, the perfectly crafted fragrance can make a world of difference. So how can you capitalise on the right aroma chemicals in your own formulations?

Why Not Natural Ingredients?

Natural ingredients certainly have their place in product development. However, when it comes to fragrances, natural ingredients cannot always provide the reliability you need to create identical products batch after batch. The same plant species can change subtly based on its surrounding factors like temperature, rain, wind, and soil, so each year the composition of oil derived from that plant will have slight differences.

Aroma chemicals overcome this challenge by offering precise and consistent fragrances to use in your product formulations. Aroma ingredients ensure the controllable quality that you need to please your customers with every purchase.

Select Your Ingredients

Each aroma chemical offers different fragrance notes, so they can be blended together to create a custom design. By working with chemists with expert knowledge of the manufacturing of complex intermediates, you can develop a fragrance to perfectly match your product. 

Alcohol C12 and C9, for example, sound similar but have different odours. Alcohol C12 is a saturated 12-carbon fatty alcohol obtained from coconut oil fatty acids with a sweet floral odour. As such, it is best used as a flavour enhancing food additive and as an emollient in cosmetics. Alcohol C9, on the other hand, is a colourless to slightly yellow liquid with a citrus odour that is commonly used as a flavouring agent. In fact, it is widespread in nature and occurs in oils of orange, citronella, and lemon. 

Work With the Experts

Blending aroma chemicals isn’t a simple DIY craft. It requires the artistry and refined scientific understanding of a chemist and fragrance expert. This is why the team at Aromatic Ingredients specialises in custom design and synthesis of compounds for your applications. They have chemists on staff with in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing of complex intermediates. 

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