October 19, 2021


Activating Brain areas associated with feelings happy, bliss, positive and feel-good.

Exposure to specific scents may support a pleasant emotional state of feeling good and satisfaction associated to low negative moods. Happiness is a desired feeling that everyone wants to achieve, creating a product that can support and assist your brain in feeling that emotion is life changing.

This new idea of having a product to assist your emotional state is led by people who are seeking to create a routine that encompasses not just physical care of their bodies, but also mental and emotional care.

Brain areas associated with feelings of happiness, bliss, positive & feel good. Through research it has been discovered that exposure to vanilla CO2 extract, ylang ylang or rosemary activated brain areas associated with feelings of happiness. We define happiness as a state of contentment, or a state of pleasure without disruptive desires. There are 3 main ingredients that may support a happiness effect, from 3 different olfactive families.

After evaluation of the 100 products, with more being added. Results of 110% or more is an indicator of the response of the area of the brain that is being stimulated. In this instance, vanilla, ylang and rosemary all show high impact of the brain which promotes happiness. the use of vanilla bean CO2 extracted is not only a non-traditional aromatherapy product but also shows how we can increase our pallet.

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