Contract Manufacturing Balm's

December 16, 2021

Contract Manufacturing Balm's

Contract Manufacturing Balm’s fill

At Aromatic ingredients we can help our clients to meet their manufacturing needs for developmental, clinical, and commercial balm fills. We can meet all your fill needs from high volume to small volume sizes.

Packaging formats

We have a wide range of different packaging to fill your powders into. There is a variety of different jars that include amber, frosted or clear, with a range of different lids from black, white to gold.

The different products we can fill

  • Lip balms
  • Body balms
  • Perfume balms

Our facility offers

  • In-house product development laboratory 
  • Efficient filling line and team
  • Production of balm fills, liquid fills and powder fills
  • Ranging in size from 10g to 250g

Filling machines

  • broiler

If you are interested contract manufacturing for your business email us at or phone 0397095606.