Charcoal is the new black

January 08, 2019

Charcoal is the new black

It’s one of the breakout ingredients used in products today with the promise to make teeth whiter and skin clearer, but what really is activated charcoal?

The concept behind this wonder ingredient is the ability to remove toxins, just like how it works in water filters activated charcoal has powerful absorption properties that trap and bind impurities from entering the skin or body.

Popular in cosmetics we are seeing it used not just in face masks but also in hair care. I know what you’re thinking, it will turn my hair black, right! But used in small quantities activated charcoal can draw out environmental toxins like a magnet and leave soft and silky hair. Toxins are drawn from their surface and just stick to activated charcoal. You can see how this ingredient can turn a normal cleanser into a super detoxifier.

Used in hospitals for years to treat overdose from drugs or poisons. Activated charcoal is pumped into the patients and the nasty chemicals are drawn to and eventually stick to the charcoal rather than being absorbed into the body and blood stream.

Activated Charcoal is the new 'it' ingredient

Not only does this ingredient work. It looks totally different from others on the market so the ‘trend’ level is through the roof with activated charcoal now appearing in products ranging from toothpaste to band-aids.

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