Cedarwood essential oil = wisdom and protection

October 14, 2019

Cedarwood essential oil = wisdom and protection

The bible mentions Cedarwood as a source of both wisdom and protection. Today this is still true about the oil derived from the Cedarwood tree. Known to protect the scalp and skin from bacteria and environmental pollutants. Cedarwood essential oils anti-inflammatory benefits reduce redness and irritation. The powerful oil stimulates blood circulation, encouraging healthy hair growth on your scalp and plumping your skin to reduce the early appearance of ageing.

Cedarwood for mental relaxation

The essential oils of Cedarwood are used to enhance relaxation and improve focus. It’s for this very reason that the oil is being studied for its beneficial effects on children with ADHD, with cedarwood oil found to decrease hyperactivity and evoking a calm, almost sedative quality reducing the stress and anxiety that comes along with the disorder.


A strong rich woody oil with a hint of sweetness, sourced from the wood or bark of the cedar tree Cedrus atlantica. Used in most mens colognes and included in perfumes as a grounding stabiliser to the fragrance cedarwood oil has been used for centuries for everything from religious ceremonies through to curing hiccups. The grounding woodiness of this oil makes it the ultimate ingredient for mental relaxation.

Cedarwood in mens colognes

The characteristics of Cedarwood essential oil are impressive, making it a useful oil for a wide range of health and beauty concerns. If you’re looking for an earthy additive to your creation, take a look at Cedarwood essential oil. We have Atlas, Chinese, Himalayan, Virginian and in some versions organic oils are available.

  Cedarwood for beauty products


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