Cardamom Oleoresin Suggests Impressive Market Forecast

December 09, 2017

Cardamom Oleoresin Suggests Impressive Market Forecast

There are plenty of trendy ingredients on the market right now, from coconut oil and chia seeds to kombucha, but what about cardamom oleoresin? You won’t find it at a fresh food market stand, but product formulators understand exactly how valuable cardamom and many of its fellow oleoresins are as food flavour extracts. The most recent market forecast for cardamom oleoresin echoes this sentiment perfectly.

Cardamom Oleoresin properties - Aromatic Ingredients

Oleoresins of all kinds are rocketing to success recently, with the global oleoresin market expected to reach $1.65 million by 2021. They are so valuable because they can replace ground spices without diminishing aroma or flavour characteristics, all while offering ease of storage and transport, uniformity of aroma and flavour, and microbiological safety. A wide range of manufacturers employ oleoresins in their formulations, including beverages, confectionary, curry powder, and soups. Cardamom oleoresin is one of the many oleoresins taking center stage in today’s market.

Oleoresins are rocketing to success - Aromatic Ingredients

Cardamom Oleoresin Profile

Cardamom oleoresin is a flavour extract gathered from the seeds of the cardamom fruit before it ripens. Like all oleoresins, cardamom oleoresin is extracted from the seed with a specific solvent. In its final form, cardamom oleoresin is a yellow-coloured liquid with a spicy yet sweet fragrance, and this profile lends itself to food condiments, spices, and other food preparations. Cardamom can also be used in the personal care and perfume segments as well thanks to its warming fragrance.

Watch For Cardamom Oleoresin Growth

Consumer demand for natural and herbal products continues to rise, and the desire for cardamom oleoresin is growing as a result. As a natural and effective flavour enhancer, cardamom oleoresin has so many different applications. Europe is currently the largest consumer of cardamom oleoresin, followed closely by North American and Asia Pacific. The majority of cardamom is produced in India. However, China, Sri Lanka, and the United States are expected to accelerate their own participation in the trade of cardamom oleoresin.

Oleoresins are so valuable because they can replace ground spices - Aromatic Ingredients

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