3 Reasons Consumers Want Natural Cleaning Products

November 10, 2018

3 Reasons Consumers Want Natural Cleaning Products

According to recent surveys, more than 70% of consumers are willing to pay a higher retail price for food and drink products made with natural ingredients they recognise and trust. This evolution of priorities from price to quality is expanding into the natural cleaning products realm as well.

It wasn’t too long ago that all store-bought household cleaners contained harsh and dangerous chemicals, but now consumers are demanding safe and natural products to help them scrub stains, wash dishes, and de-grease cooking surfaces.

Consumers Are Increasingly Health-Conscious

We are living in a time of unprecedented health consciousness. With unlimited access to information and research, consumers can easily learn about the harmful side effects of the toxic ingredients found in traditional cleaning products. 

More than ever before, shoppers want to purchase products that are safe to use without any doubt. They want to trust that their cleaners won’t harm their children or pets, cause allergic skin reactions, burn their eyes, or pollute the air in their home.

Consumers Want to Help the Environment

Chemical ingredients in standard cleaning products are also a concern for the environment. Cleaning products ultimately enter the water system and create water pollution. This issue is especially worrisome for homes that rely on well water and independent filtration systems.

Natural cleaning products give consumers the peace of mind that they can improve the cleanliness of their home without sacrificing the environment around them. This priority continues to grow, which is why basic ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils are becoming more prevalent. 

Consumers Are Running From Toxicity

Toxicity is a serious health concern, even for people with healthy lifestyle habits. Heavy metals, pollutants, and chemicals lurk in many household products, especially cleaners. Ingestion, inhalation, or absorption of cleaning products creates toxicity in the body and places extra pressure on the liver to filter the toxins out. Eventually, the toxins accumulate and create unwanted symptoms like headaches, chronic pain, fatigue, and brain fog.

Consumers are determined to prevent this type of toxicity by using natural cleaning products made from pure ingredients.

Start Formulating Natural Cleaning Products With Our Help

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