3 Flavour Trends for 2017

March 21, 2017

3 Flavour Trends for 2017

From beverages and baked goods to snack foods and marinades, these are the flavour trends you will see emerging this year as flavour is the new name of the game.


Flavour Trends

When consumers find a flavour that they truly love, it earns brand loyalty and encourages positive word of mouth. As 2017 continues, there are three specific flavours that are expected to grow in popularity and attract more consumers to discover new favourite products. Check out the list now so that you can be sure to capitalise on these popular flavour trends.


The power of natural floral flavours are poised to become a leading component of the food and beverage industry, especially among alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, yogurt, and ice cream. From raspberry lavender to blueberry hibiscus, fruits and flowers can be combined to create powerful flavour solutions. This is particularly important as consumers focus more on purchasing products that improve their health and wellness. Expect flavours inspired by nature to be a huge selling point in the coming years.


Spices were long reserved for international cuisine, but now market data is demonstrating the spices and seasoning market to grow nearly 7 percent over the next three years. Globalisation and increased community diversity has largely contributed to spices once deemed exotic becoming favourite cooking tools. Thanks to the increased role of spices in the culinary community, consumers are not only willing, but eager, to experience rich new tastes. In fact, spices have become so popular that they aren’t just applied to savoury cuisine anymore. Even coffee, tea, dairy, alcoholic drinks, and beverage syrups are capitalising on the spice craze. Previously unthinkable combinations like ginger cardamom and cocoa curry are attracting new consumers every day.


Where backyard bbq’s used to be the focal point of outdoor parties, the smoker has now risen to prominence. Smoking is a form of cooking that flavours, browns, and cooks meats and other foods by exposing them to wood smoke. It’s easy enough to do with a smoker, available in gas and electric variations and usually with a rounded lid. Flavour trends are moving toward accommodating the growing number of avid backyard smokers, especially as it is inspiring “smoked” flavours in everything from vegetables and desserts to dairy and cocktails. Even chewing gum! Smoked flavours add a richness and texture to food and beverages that few other flavours can.

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