100% Natural

January 27, 2022

100% Natural

What does 100% natural mean?

The oils are sourced from their own natural habitat, and they are not contaminated from polluted soil or pesticides. They do not contain any fillers or artificial ingredients and companies producing high grade therapeutic essential oils have very strict quality control. Blending of natural isolates derived from other botanicals NOT the named botanical.

What applications is 100% natural suitable for?

Used in applications where the ‘Natural” Criteria is critical to the functionality and use of the product
Examples of this would be personnel care applications where you want to make claims that the product made with 100% natural oils. Essential oils can be called out if in natural blend BUT would need to add natural parfum to your label.

These products have a whole different standard for essential oil purity. This standard requires precise care and effort to protect what nature has created, which correlates directly with the health-enhancing benefits you expect from essential oils.